Empowering African innovations
emoa.africa is the first online shopping platform, offering the biggest selection of products with African touch: books, magazines, music, accessories, videos, electronics, computers, software, apparel & accessories, jewelry, electronics, food & beverage…just about anything you can imagine! All our products are either partly or totally made in africa. They all are also free of stereotypes about Africa and have to promote Africa’s potential.
Our vision
Africa's modern! Africa is cool! Africa offers much more than these stereotyped images and representations that we encounter every day. Try to buy modern fashion products or cosmetics with an African touch in a well-established fashion chain or in a drugstore! At the end, you end up in one of these hidden side streets in a basement where people attempt to sell dusty products. But many moa products must not hide: they have a large potential  to be hidden away or to be discovered only offline. Our vision is to be the first online destination on which one can discover unique moa products. We want to be the most inspiring online store with the largest selection of unique products and at the same time provide anyone access to these products. We work hard to achieve our ambitious goals. Become a part of this innovative approach and let yourself be inspired by our values.
Our values
Our core values are based on the African Adinkra symbol for loyalty. This loyalty is why we work hard to promote the potential of the moa products worldwide. To achieve this...

We communicate straight forward (without hidden agendas) and work constantly to find simple and smart solutions to our goals and implement them.
We act according to the motto "talk is silver, action is gold". We are constantly open to new insights.
We place emphasis on personality and strive to achieve our vision as a team; We are international and trade context-driven.
We love what we do, think in solutions instead of problems and take decisions using analyses and substantive arguments


Our Products
We always choose our products with utmost care. We only offer products that effectively contribute to dismantling the most widespread stereotypes about Africa and embody the manifold potentials of Africa. We do so through our collaboration with a wide variety of partners that provide our customers with a wide range of inspiring products. Additionally, the articles on emoa.africa are  associated with the following specific tags, corresponding to the core criteria for the moa certification.
women power


For further information, please click here: moa | made.of.africa or get in touch at hello@deutschland.emoa.africa.