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On you will find unique products with African touch. This is because we are passionately driven to always discover the best products and to make them accessible to everyone. Not only that, our goal is to offer you the widest range of innovative and unique products. For this, we work together with selected partners and strive to build long-term partnerships.

Your advantages as a partner at a glance:

delivery wordwide
access to millions of customers, including in German speaking countries
delivery through
 time to focus on your core business


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To quickly process your request, please send us information on the following points and questions: 

Company What ist the name of your company?
Is your company registered or are you a freelancer?
Where are you based?
Brand What ist the name of your brand?
Is your brand registered?
If yes, where is it registered?
Product(s) What do you want us to distribute for you? Choose between the following categories:
Is the product available in different types ? If yes, choose between the following types:
Where are your product produced? Fully or partly in Africa?
Target consumers Who are your target consumers? Choose between the following categories:
Target region for distribution What is your target region for the distribution? Chose between the following categories:
moa-tags Which moa-tag suits to your products? Take a look at our different specific tags and the relevant conditions!
General tags What are the other specific tags suitable for your product?


You can also use this template: request for distribution

After a first review of your request, we will ask for more information in case your product in principle fits the basic requirement for sale on convey the message of creation of an narrative that can effectively contribute to dismantling the most widespread stereotypes about Africa and embody the manifold potentials of Africa.